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Fasten your seatbelt. Take your towel. Don’t panic!
launchhub42 is an incubator for the structural promotion of startups in the field of communication, sensing, and computing out of the university.
launchhub42 is supported by
aeroLiFi from Wessling near Munich develops LiFi (Light Fidelity) and VLC (Visual Light Communication) technology to change the world of connectivity.
CampusGenius provides a 5g-Core-as-a-Service powered by an API-centric 5G-Core for private 5G networks that offers new possibilities to foster automation and digitization by its hyperintegration and microservice concepts.
bitteiler provides an AI-aided software solution that intelligently reduces the staggering amount of data IoT sensors generate, while preserving infomation for cheaper and sustainable connectivity and storage
Ecologic Computing develops software to reduce the energy consumption of computation, transportation & storage. This breakthrough is enabled by novel hardware and rethinking information theoretic principles.
Cadami is a Munich (Germany) based company that provides solutions for wireless video streaming and content distribution.
Enari develops a cloud-based software platform for Human-in-the-Loop Computing. The goal is to understand and anticipate movements of human beings.
fünfeinhalb creates ultra-reliable communication systems for hard real-time industrial applications through advanced MAC algorithms.
Meshmerize creates reliable connectivity solutions for dynamic industrial applications, based on wireless mesh networks.
Hapticlabs provides a no-code development platform for haptic interactions from prototype to production.
Mimetik designs a technology that helps to interact with millions of devices without long manuals and trainings. Their product gives an eyesight to machines by analyzing hand movements.
Hydrabyte paves the way to multi-robot applications for next level productivity and minimum space consumption.
Olive Robotics develops a novel generation of modular robotic components that can be put together in a plug & play manner.
PowerOn is a deep tech start-up. Their patented switch technology provides the fundamental building block for completely flexible and compliant electronics with built in safety features.
SpiNNcloud Systems as a deep-tech spinoff from the Technische Universität Dresden, designs massively parallel, energy-efficient, and real-time systems to empower its customers with the third generation of AI-driven systems.
QcomBIT is a company based in Dresden, which realizes and provides software solutions and services in order to employ quantum technologies efficiently and effectively in 5G and 6G verticals and networks.
Veiio is a spin–off project of TU Dresden developing a digital assistant for the next generation of personalized and tangible physiotherapy.
Smarobix enables roboticists to develop efficient accelerated robotics applications easily by providing low-code development tools and smartly embedded hardware accelerators.
Wandelbots from Dresden has set itself the goal to democratize the robotics industry. Thanks to their revolutionary TracePen the use of industrial robots has never been easier.